Madsen sells and supports the enitre line of Shinkawa machine monitoring products.  Wireless condition monitoring, machinery protection and real-time analysis are some of the solutions that Madsen offers with the Shinkawa product line.

Shinkawa Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1927. With offices in eight countries around the globe, SEC sales last year exceeded $300 million dollars. The company manufactures a complete line of sensors and instrumentation to provide world-class machinery health solutions. With the combination of sensors, monitoring/protection systems for rotating machinery, SEC provides accurate diagnostic technology, reliability and prevent catastrophic failure of industrial machinery, thus increasing the bottom line of your business.  

Madsen's Integrated Control Platform leverages the power of the Shinkawa and Woodward product lines to offer integrated monitoring and control of plant Actuators, Power Management, Machine Monitoring, Turbine and compressor control systems.

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