Woodward turbine and compressor control systems Madsen Controls & Engineering St. John's NL

Turbine and Compressor Controls

Madsen sells and supports the full range of Woodward gas & steam turbine and compressor control systems. Our electronic governing products include the Peak 150 speed control for smaller steam turbines, the 505 for larger condensing turbines and the 505XT for extraction units. Woodward’s MicroNet Plus and MicroNet TMR products are used in larger turbines where uptime and reliability is paramount. Protection devices include the Protech SX, TPS, GII and Micronet Safety Systems. The Atlas and Micronet platforms are leading edge control systems for gas turbines.

Woodward gas valves and actuators are repaired at the Woodward facility through Madsen Controls & Engineering.


Woodward engine mechanical and electronic governors for engines at Madsen Controls & Engineering

Engine Controls

We supply and support Woodward engine mechanical and electronic governors for engines of all sizes. Governor overhaul is done at our 20,000 sq ft in-house facility for most mechanical units.



Woodward power management products at Madsen Controls & Engineering

Power Management

We offer the full line of Woodward power management products, from the all-in-one generator control and protection EasyGen package to the widely used MSLC/DSLC products. Madsen also carries and supports Woodward’s generator protection line, including the HighPROTEC-2.

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