Madsen Controls & Engineering provides service for all of its product lines, either directly or through factory repair. Madsen’s locations provide extensive mechanical and electronic technical support for customers throughout the region.

In-house Equipment Service

Madsen has the expertise and equipment to repair your electronic and hydraulic governors, TDI starters and FPE valves. During our remanufacturing process we strictly adhere to Woodward’s overhaul and test specifications.

When we receive your mechanical governor for overhaul, our factory-trained technicians perform a full examination of the unit – this means that they strip it down, clean it and examine all wearable parts. We then create a quotation for your review which includes replacement of all worn parts and labour to reassemble your governor and test it to Woodward specifications. We do not proceed past the quotation stage without your official instructions. When a remanufactured product leaves our shop, it is ready to go back into service until the next normal overhaul period.

We are also trained to overhaul your TDI starters and your FPE valves. These go through the same rigorous process as our governors.


Factory Repair

With some of our precision products, Woodward requires that they be overhauled at the factory. Valves, some gas turbine actuators and other products are returned to Woodward through Madsen for overhaul. We handle the logistics of shipping the components to the factory for inspection, quotation and repair and ensuring the products are repaired to your satisfaction every time.

Woodward Campus

Exchange Options

Since we know your operation cannot tolerate downtime due to governor repair or failure, we have an extensive exchange program for many of the more common Woodward hydraulic products. We carry an extensive stock of TG, PG and UG governors for exchange to keep you operational.



At Madsen Controls & Engineering, we understand that your equipment can’t always come to us, so we are prepared to come to you. Our field service representatives are on call and available to get you up and running in a moment’s notice.


Project Work

Whether you are an end user looking for a controls upgrade or a consultant requiring assistance with the controls aspect of a larger job, Madsen Controls & Engineering is fully prepared to assist you. Our team can assist at design and implementation stages to ensure you fully benefit from a Woodward solution. View some of our sample projects.