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Madsen Controls & Engineering offer sales and service for the Woodward product lineMadsen Controls & Engineering provides controls, components and support solutions for industrial prime movers. We are the eastern Canadian Woodward Business Partner for Woodward Governor.

Located in Toronto and Montreal, we offer sales and service for the Woodward product line of hydraulic and electronic turbine and engine governors and controls, electrical power management products and protection devices. Additionally, we carry and support a number of high-quality, price-competitive complementary products including FPE thermostatic valves, TDI starters and Testo emissions analyzers.

Our technical team is trained in our entire product line. We support end users and consultants through engineering and design work as well as field service.

Our Solutions

Madsen Controls & Engineering provides service for all of its product lines, either directly or through factory repair. Madsen provides extensive mechanical and electronic technical support for customers throughout the region.

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